Rob Howard on Plymouth

Rob Howard

Rob’s Sept Plymouth summary Rob Howard – Equipment Officer Rob has been a member of SISAC for a number of years and is an active member. New members look to Rob to provide serviced equipment during training and for rental after training. 07/09/19 HMS Scylla My dive Buddy was Gareth…


Luke Johnson Ocean Diver

Luke Johnson Ocean Diver SISAC qualifies another Ocean Diver I found the training to be engaging and fun, there’s a lot to take in but because with BSAC you do it weekly you have the time to properly take in all the information you need and get the proper training…


PADI to BSAC Crossover

Ruby Wood

Ruby Wood one of our many PADI Crossover members “I first learnt how to dive back in 2009 in Falmouth through PADI to Advanced Open Water Diver as part of my degree in Marine and Natural History photography. After diving the cold but often fabulous Cornish coast that was on…


Sports Divers Alert

dive leader

Are You Sports Diver already training or planning to train for Dive Leader? BSAC will be running a couple of Dive Leader lectures at this year’s BSAC Diving Conference. (26 October, The Vox, NEC, Birmingham). Ideal for Sports Divers wanting to progress to that grade. Conference ticket will be priced to £15…


Congratulations to our Latest Ocean Diver Emma Williams

Emma came to SISAC initially to do a Try Dive. She obviously liked it as she came back and started her Ocean Diver qualification. Last summer I acquired some free time (becoming single after a 2yr relationship) and wanted something new to focus my mind on. I remembered that when…


Congratulations to our Latest Ocean Diver Nick Levy

Nick Levy

Ocean Diver certification-the perspective from a 50 year old anaesthetist Having finally obtained my first certificate marking my journey to become proficient and safe in the underwater world, the club asked me to pen a few thoughts on why I, as an anaesthetist, would want to leave my comfort zone,…


Qualification of recent Ocean Divers

ocean diver

Congratulations to Charlotte Pearce in completing her qualification as an Ocean Diver with SISAC. Her open water qualification was carried out at Stoney Cove in hired dry suits, which were not the best fits. Perseverance won out and she achieved all the necessary skills. Charlotte joined us as a student…


What’s new at SISAC October 2018

October 2018

What’s new at SISAC October 2018 A brief roundup of club activities during October 2018 and what is coming up. New Ocean Divers Pleased to announced we qualified two BSAC Ocean Divers during October, Stuart Mckenzie and Josh Rayner-Brown. Congratulations to you both. We have a five students close to…


Qualified Ocean Diver at SISAC

Josh Rayner-Brown

Qualified Ocean Diver at SISAC We would like to congratulate Josh Rayner-Brown has recently qualified as an Ocean Diver course. Josh took a little longer to complete his course however due to his enthusiasm and commitment he finaly achieved his goal. I certainly look forward to seeing him at the…


New Ocean Diver at SISAC

Stuart McKenzie

New Ocean Diver at SISAC We would like to congratulate Stuart McKenzie for completing his Ocean Diver course. Well done. Part of his training as a New Ocean Diver the club included the Dry Suit Skill Development Course so he is ready for the cooler waters of Guildenburg and Stoney…