Qualified BSAC Divers in 2019

Alex Barrett

Qualified BSAC Divers in 2019 We saw a number of newly Qualified BSAC Divers through 2019 and also some divers from other agencies join and crossover to BSAC. Compared to previous history St Ives Sub Aqua Club in 2019 has been very sucessful at attracting new members. Some who are…


SISAC Qualified Divers in 2019


SISAC Qualified Divers in 2019 SISAC are keen to spread the word of SCUBA Diving, the personal pleasures it brings and the challenges some face. The result, we think, are happy students and dedicated members of SISAC. This year we have qualified and certified 13 members to Ocean Diver and…


Pool and Training Sunday 10th June

SCUBA Diving Experience

Pool Training and Theory Training Pool Training There will be pool training on Sunday Evening in the One Leisure Pool starting approximately 20:15. One Ocean Diver on OS2 with John Finch One Ocean Diver for Pool Skill refresher with Alex Try Dives if confirmation comes through Theory Training There will…