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About the Committee  The committee meet each month to discuss issues relating to the effective running of the club.  This includes: finance, membership, equipment, training, social events and organising dive trips.There is no requirement for joining the committee and any member can put themselves forward at the clubs AGM each November.  Expertise is not an issue apart from the Dive Officer and Training Officer who must meet specific BSAC requirements.
 Bezz Williams
The Chairperson plays an important role as leader and figurehead in the organisation and in the conduct of Branch affairs, in Branch meetings and in all matters relating to the Branch’s public image. He/she should set and maintain a course that achieves the declared objectives of the BSAC and of the Branch, as defined in its Byelaws. Back to committee chart…
Joe Blythe
Dive Officer
The National Diving Officer has ultimate responsibility for training, testing and the award of BSAC diving qualifications. The National Diving Officer has delegated much of this responsibility to Branch Diving Officers, who (if appropriately qualified) are thus empowered to award Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver qualifications to members within their own Branch. A Branch Diving Officer should hold at least the qualification of BSAC Advanced Diver and ideally be a BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructor.
Paul Young
Training Coordinator
They are responsible to the Branch Diving Officer for the all Snorkel & Diver training done by the branch. They will organise both pool practical sessions and outside dives where training of members will take place. They will organise theory sessions for both Snorkel and Scuba training and also skill development course in line with the BSAC syllabus. They will also keep all instructors up to date with new updates form the BSAC.
Doug Hunter
The Branch Secretary is responsible for ensuring an efficient level of communication between Branch Committee and membership; and between the Branch and BSAC Headquarters. They have responsibility for organising, in consultation with the Chairperson, Committee Meetings and the Branch’s General Meetings, taking Minutes at these meetings and for publishing and circulating those to appropriate members.
Stevwe Marriott
Branch Treasurer should have some experience of financial accounting. A Branch will derive the income it needs for its operations from the Branch portion of the total subscription. These funds are used for the day to day running of the Branch, for such regular expenses as pool and meeting room hire.
Rob Howard
Equipment Officer
Responsibilities include:

  • advising the Branch committee through the Branch Diving Committee on matters concerning the purchase, condition and insurance of Branch equipment;
  • providing for safe and secure storage of equipment;
  • arranging for equipment allocation and for its return to store; and in some cases if it is Branch policy, to be responsible for its transportation to/from the place of use;
  • maintenance of all equipment and the keeping of relevant records.
Anna Rudd
Social Secretary
The Social Secretary organises social events throughout the year including meals, the Christmas Do, BBQs and punting up the river.
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