Dive Trips

Dive Trips

Branch dive trips are defined as a diving trip that has been booked on the behalf of the branch at the request of the Branch Diving Officer / Branch Committee. A current list of available trips is available on the Club Forum You can also view the most recent dive trips undertaken by SISAC in our News section. Any trips that have not been sanctioned by the branch Diving Officer or the committee are not branch trips and are therefore the responsibility of the individual(s) booking the trip.

Branch Responsibilities

The branch (the membership) underwrites the cost of the trip. Any costs associated with failures to fill the trip will be borne by the branch.Branch trips will be advertised in a public manner, this normally means via the branch forum.

  • This ensures that all members are aware of the trip & have the opportunity of bookin themselves on the trips (within the restrictions of the trip)
  • All trips will have the date(s), venue, nature of diving & qualification requirements published

In addition, the full cost will be published with a reasonable description of what is included. Each trip will have an Organiser assigned & a Dive Manager (both roles may be combined). This will be done in good time, at the discretion of the branch Diving Officer & committee.


All trips may have restrictions on attendance. These are at the discretion of the branch Diving Officer & Dive Manager. These are likely to be:

  • minimum Diving Grade required to attend
  • minimum level of experience required to attend
  • minimal equipment requirements
  • there may be specific restrictions on attendance as defined by the Diving Officer.

All trips are booked for the benefit of the branch membership. Reserving places will initially be restricted to branch members. The branch committee reserves the right to open up the attendance to non-branch members to ensure trips are fully subscribed, or for any other reason that the branch committee feels necessary, at a timing of their discretion. Branch trips are not run on the basis of profit, but to ensure that the trip diary breaks even or has a modest credit.

Members Responsibilities

Branch members have the opportunity to book on to the trip. Booking onto a trip is:

  • an undertaking that the member will pay their share of the fee
  • or ensure that a replacement is found it they are unable to attend
  • pay a deposit as & when required to secure there place

Those that attend agree:

  • to abide by branch safe diving practice
  • follow the instruction of the Dive Manager behave in an appropriate manor
  • they are sufficiently fit & equipped to attend.

Members are

  • requested not to book private trips that clash directly with existing trips in the branch diary.
  • requested to advise the branch of private trips they have booked so that the branch can attempt to avoid clashes with trips in the branch diary.
  • reminded that advertising of private trips on the club forum should only be done with the permission of the branch committee (Diving Officer).

Booking Trips on Behalf of the Branch

Those interested in booking diving trips, be they one day or longer, should approach the Diving Officer with the details.It is the specific wish of the branch Diving Officer, committee & membership that all members at all levels have the opportunity to book trips. It is the intention that the branch will offer support & guidance to any member wishing to book a trip on behalf of the branch, this includes & is not restricted to assisting with logistics, marshalling & planning.

BSAC Safe Diving Guide

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